Everybody connects to meditation in a different way. Some people need nature, some need silence, some ask for guidance and some for music.

I teach an active form of meditation, using mudras, to move energy around the body.

Here is one of my own music meditations, recorded in 2012, while meditating:

I talk in more detail about my own understanding of meditation and the acoustics of the body in this podcast, Consciousness Matters.

I trained in energy medicine at the Lakeland College between 2002-5 and over the last fifteen years I have developed my understanding through working with Peter Tadd, from the Taoist tradition. I am currently working on three recordings of my own meditation practice, Circulation of Light. One is with birdsong, one with music, and one silence.

I offer one to one and group sessions for those wanting to learn how to meditate and have a programme specifically geared towards musicians and other artists. Please email me at

I am also working as a Covid-19 Wellbeing Practitioner for key workers and anyone affected by Covid-19 through the company Wisdom and Wellbeing.

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