Eclectic, intimate and beautifully understated
Composer Paul Honey

There is a rare magic in the way a small candlelit church holds their music and offers its loveliness to a listening audience. These evenings are a privilege.
Author, Sam North

Monthly concerts Sundays 6pm-7pm

Featuring a different artist each month, I have worked alongside saxophonist, Chris Caldwell. Together we have invited different artists to develop new programmes and both compose and improvise new material together.

I always include some plane song in the programme which the acoustic thrives on. There is always some Bach and a taste of organic wine and juniper berry fizz.

The feedback I have received has been incredible. People are amazed at how each evening is so very different. Everyone speaks of how magic it all is and how they are so deeply touched. We have a core audience developing in the heart of the community.


  • June 7 with James Boyd for an evening of music and tales to be told
  • April 26 with New Oxford Consort
  • March 1 with Trevor Taylor, electronics & percussion
  • February 2 with cellist, Sarah Bowler
  • January 12 with master guitarist, James Boyd for an evening of music and storytelling


  • December 8 with guest artist Richard Horne, vibes for an evening to celebrate the beginning of advent
  • October 27 with guest guitarist, Jerry Crozier-Cole for an evening of ambient and relaxing sounds
  • September 28 Chris Caldwell saxophones & bass clarinet

Blue Concerts

Music for the Mind

I have set up this series of concerts in cathedrals and churches around the UK focused on music for the mind.

They are an opportunity to take time out and return to a place of calmness whilst listening to the ambient and meditative music of Susie Hodder-Williams, Chris Caldwell and guest artists

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Dates in 2020

  • September 21 Wells Cathedral 1.05pm
  • June 15 Wells Cathedral 1.05pm
  • March 23 Wells Cathedral 1.05pm
  • January 20 Wells Cathedral 1.05pm

Dates in 2021

  • January 18th Wells Cathedral 1.05pm
  • further dates to follow

a perfect refuge from the hustle
Radio NZ

it was an incredible experience and a chance to take a small chunk of a busy day and just listen to sounds that sent shivers down my spine

beautiful, transcendent music to lift the heart

mesmerising & deeply moving

joyous nourishment for the soul

uplifting, sublime

meditative and enriching for the mind, body and soul

music to connect us to the divine within

I experienced the music as colours: the flute was blue and purple and the guitar was like a river flowing. I then floated off into a deep meditation whilst listening

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